Les Territoires




Les Territoires is a non-for-profit gallery dedicated to presenting the work of emerging artists and research practices that expand on theoretical approaches to contemporary art. Les Territoires’ mandate is to support artists in their emerging professional careers and to help develop their public profile in national and international art communities. Les Territoires facilitates artists’ integration into the art market and gives continual support to their art production.





Les Territoires contemporary art gallery, located in suite 527 of Montreal’s historic Belgo building, occupies the former location of Galerie Therese Dion owned by the eccentric art dealer and consultant Therese. Sadly, Therese passed away on November 19 th, 2007 leaving the gallery in the hands of her siblings and her assistant. Without Therese’s cutting edge approach to contemporary art, flamboyant presence and notorious fashion sense, the gallery would never be the same. At an extraordinary commemoration of her life on December 16 th 2007, the gallery closed it’s infamous antique doors for the last time.


In Therese Dion’s obituary, journalist M.J. Stone described her as the chic Montrealer that treated her artists like ‘the children she never had.’ Troubled by the loss of Therese and her wonderful art space, a group of her younger artists and her assistant came together to create a new art gallery that would carry on Therese’s vision to support up-and-coming artists. Most importantly, this new gallery would occupy the same space.


September 5 th, 2008 marks the birth of Les Territoires, a non-profit initiative devoted to the development of artist’s careers.




Vue de l'exposition de Frédérique Ulman-Gagné