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Following 3 years of gallery programming, Les Territoires is launching a fundraising campaign to support our emerging artists. The effectiveness of our initiative has been proven by their achievements. We have guided and supported these artists with the direction of their artistic careers through providing exhibitions, networking with artistic professionals, career management, placing their work on the art market, and further dissemination of their work to the public and throughout the media.


Our artists take part in our MAPPE program and invest in themselves. Their contribution shows their commitment and the importance of this program in their career development. Your support helps us finance MAPPE and ensures its accessibility.


Thanks to you, we will be able to pursue our mission to support our emerging artists and continue to provide a unique contribution to the Montreal cultural scene. Be an accomplice to our emerging artists success!


In supporting Les Territoires:
You help to provide a springboard for emerging artists and you accompany them in the development of their professional careers.
You will access the fascinating world of contemporary art and artistic creation.
You will have the opportunity to develop a privileged relationship with our emerging artists and to make a significant difference in the success of their career.


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Voluntary work:


We are looking for enthusiastic and generous people to give a little bit of their time to take part in the diverse activities related to Les Territoires. We are looking for people to help install exhibitions, to attend gallery during business hours, to do various administrative tasks or to take part in seasonal juries. We promise that you will meet passionate people and talented artists as well as acquire valuable work experience. In addition, joining us is a great way to actively support emerging artists while becoming part of a community.


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Les Territoires would like to thank its partners:


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