Alejandro Garcia Contreras

Andreas Rutkauskas

Anna Jane McIntyre

Anne-Renée Hotte

Annie Descôteaux

Bobo Boutin

Carolyne Scenna

Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague

Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier

Chih-Chien Wang

David Lafrance

David Martineau Lachance

Eli Kerr

Émilie Bouchard

Fabien Séguin

François Lalumière

Frédérique Ulman-Gagné

Gabriel Morest

Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron

Guillaume Adjutor Provost

Guylaine Langlois

Isabelle Fexa

Isabelle Guimond

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Jean-François Lauda

Jean-Sébastien Massicotte-Rousseau

Jessica Auer

Jinyoung Kim

Jodi Heartz

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Julia Borderie

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Lauren Klenow

Lisandre St-Cyr Lamothe

Marie Meinild

Mathieu Cardin

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Mika Goodfriend

Miriam Jonas

Myrabelle Charlebois

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Are you interested in learning about the ins and outs of an artist center, to participate in the elaboration of its exhibition schedule, to support its activities and artists and to integrate a community of artists, art critics and art enthusiasts?


As a member:

    • You actively support the activities of the gallery
    • You participate in the promotion of emerging artists
    • You have the right to vote at general meetings
    • You are invited to all events and openings and you stay in touch by receiving all kinds of information (offers, launches)


Les Territoires welcomes you in one of the following member-categories:



Artist member : An artist who would like to support the activities of the gallery. The annual contribution for the first year is free for the MAPPE program participants. The artist contributes 10 $ annually to Les Territoires.


Supporting member : A qualified individual, invited by the Board of directors to answer precise needs for certain activities at the gallery. A supporting member contributes 10 $ annually to Les Territoires.


Active member : A person that participates in matters within their competence and/or within the areas of interest of Les Territoires. In order to become a member, a volunteer must have completed 50 hours of volunteering for the gallery. An active member contributes 10 $ annually to Les Territoires.


According to your skills and areas of knowledge, your volunteer work can take many different forms: graphic design, translation, proofreading, exhibition set-up or bar-tending during openings and events.

We are always looking for volunteers and value your support! Contact us and join the dynamic community of Les Territoires’ members.




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