Exhibits for corporate spaces


In an era where art and culture are perceived as assets in terms of managerial innovation, Les Territoires prides itself in being the only institution in Montréal to bring curated exhibits from an art center to corporate spaces.


We offer you:
• an exhibit tailored to your business culture;
• meaningful exchanges between emerging artists and the business world;
• workshops and conferences on collecting and  how to read works of art.


With exhibits for corporate spaces you are:
• offering direct support to emerging artists;
• fostering creativity in your enterprise.


You already have a corporate collection?
• Here is the opportunity to enhance your collection by creating a dialog between the works of emerging artists and the artists of your collection.


You do not have a corporate collection?
• An exhibit for corporate spaces offers the possibility to establish a corporate collection.



Choose an exhibit that will reflect your corporate image:


3 months         7 000 $    4 000 $*
6 months         7 700 $    4 700 $*
1 year                8 600 $   5 600 $*
* Preferential rates offered with the financial support of FRIJ and of the SDEVM.



For further information:
514 789 0545


Access the artists’ portfolios


Portfolio: Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret

Portfolio: Aydin Matlabi

Portfolio: Catherine Tremblay

Portfolio: Flavia Majlis

Portfolio: Frédérique Ulman-Gagné

Portfolio: Ivan Lassère

Portfolio: Jacinthe Lessard

Portfolio: Jérôme Nadeau

Portfolio: Jessica Auer

Portfolio: Joannie Boulais

Portfolio: Josée Pedneault

Portfolio: Léa Trudel

Portfolio: Marie-Ève Fortier

Portfolio: Sara A. Tremblay

Portfolio: Sarah Rooney

Portfolio: Scott Chandler

Portfolio: Véronique Ducharme