Essais et explorations


Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso, 56 Broken Kindle Screens (detail), 2012.


Essais et explorations is a web-based media platform that aims to provide the general public with more in-depth information regarding exhibitions held by Galerie Les Territoires. The information gathered here sheds light on the diversity of artists’ practices, thematic interests, and artworks presented at Les Territoires. Documents range from academic texts and videos to online interviews, newspaper articles and art criticism. Entries are published on an exhibition-by-exhibition basis and remain accessible online following the end of each show.

Les Territoires would like to thank Karen Lee Chung for her assistance in this project.
Chih-Chien Wang | A Helper
Shanie Tomassini | Nature molle
Mathieu Lambert | La Théorie du Complot