Creation workshops


The purpose of the workshops is to create a terrain of exchange between the participants and the invited artist.The workshops end with an exhibit in the gallery space and present the final work as well as the creative process that led to the final work. This collaboration helps artists in the development of their artistic practice and helps them promote their work and network with a number of art professionals in the milieu.
In 2014, the Creation workshops brang together four emerging artists and one invited international artist. The workshops were led by the Berlin-based sculptor Miriam Jonas. For 2 months, the artists in the group shared their ideas and know-how with one another to create a series of individual and collaborative works.
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The Ville Imaginaire creation workshop was the “Coup de coeur 2012” from démART program in Montreal.


The Espejo Negro creation workshop was presented at Les Territoires in August 2013 and will be presented in Mexico in 2014.