Unmarked Sites – Jessica Auer
Limited Edition
30 CAD

Selected as one of the best books of 2011 by Photo Eye magazine.

”In Unmarked Sites, Jessica Auer pursues photography like an archeologist, searching for cultural sites in Newfoundland and Labrador in an effort to reconcile its complex history. Looking to the land for signs of the past, she delves into the relationship between landscape and regional identity. The resulting narrative reveals the intricacies that relate exploration, settlement, preservation and modern tourism. Inspired by the travelogue and set within the context of geological time, the artist takes the reader on a journey that travels between reality and the imaginary. This limited edition print of 500 books are numbered and include fold-out pages”.

– Photo Eye Bookstore


6 X 8, 60 pages, with 3 fold-outs
Supreme Matte 200M paper

ISBN 978-2-9812392-0-4



Love and War – Guillaume Simoneau

Preface by Lisa J. Sutcliffe, SFMoMA
Demi Lewis Publishing and Les Territoires, 2013
48 CAD


Love and War chronicles Guillaume Simoneau’s on-off relationship with Caroline Annandale. They first met at the Maine Photographic Workshop in 2000. Both in their early twenties, they began a feverish relationship and travelled the world together just prior to September 11, 2001. After the terrorist attacks on the United States, Annandale enlisted in the US army and was sent to Iraq. The two grew apart, Annandale eventually marrying someone else, but they reunited several years later upon her return from war to begin a tumultuous second chapter in their relationship.

Using a variety of images, including pictures he took when they first met, photographs Caroline emailed home from Iraq, text messages, and handwritten notes, Simoneau charts the couple’s love affair and its attendant ups and downs, but not in chronological order. Sequenced to mimic the disjointed nature of memory and identity, the project reveals how our perceptions of ourselves and our loved ones are always a blend of past and present. As the photographs progress, they expose Caroline’s loss of innocence and her transformation into a toughened war veteran. Ultimately, Simoneau reveals the lasting impact- – the invisible, indelible, and often irreversible effects that both love and war have on people’s lives.”


– Karen Irvine, MoCP


210 mm X 295 mm, 80 pages, 38 colour photographs
Hardbound cover

ISBN 978-1-907893-38-4

Espejo Negro (Black Mirror) – Collective

Book and DVD
Limited Edition

20 CAD


The project Espejo Negro was created during a creative workshop organized by Les Territoires during the summer of 2013. Alejandro Garcia Contreras, the invited artist for the 2013 workshops, directed five Canadian artists – Ben Clarkson, Isabelle Guimond, Matt O’Hara, Naghmeh Sharifi and Chris Simonite – in the production of a collective work and an exhibition.  Alejandro Garcia Contreras proposed to work on the topic of death – a common thematic in Mexico, yet considered taboo in Western culture. Together, they have created Espejo Negro a stop-motion animation recalling the dark destinies of imaginary creatures. The title Espejo Negro (Black Mirror) refers to the black stones originally used as mirrors in which one’s  reflection is plunged into darkness. The chromatic reference of the project’s title tainted the production of the work created during the creative workshop of 2013.

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