Le Polygraphe

From September 4 to September 26 2015
Opening: September 12 at 2 pm


Credit : ©Daisuke Yokota, Untitled, from the series site/cloud, 2013, courtesy of G/P gallery



Curators : Safia Belmenouar (France) and Myrabelle Charlebois (Canada)


The exhibition Le Polygraphe explores the aesthetic perceptions generated when an isolated photograph or pre-existing matrix of images are inserted into a new set of narrative. Deliberate technical errors, vernacular productions, recycled images are finding a place in, and redefining art, thanks to the artists who gather, consult, and manipulate them as available objects. Photography then draws strength from multiplicity or, to the contrary, uniqueness, offering new potentialities of meaning. The modes of representation chosen by Daisuke Yokota (Japan), Hajra Waheed (Canada) and Paulien Barbas (Pays-Bas), conjure doubt and memory from imaginary constructions presented as an experienced reality. Traces and photographic evidence blur the line between the truth and these confabulations, conceived as artworks.

Daisuke Yokota
Hajra Waheed
Paulien Barbas