Carolyne Scenna

From October 1 to October 24 2015
Opening: October 2 at 6 pm


Photo credit : Carolyne Scenna, Travailleuse, 2015



Carolyne Scenna


Carolyne Scenna’s photographic experiments are as a journal that continually rewrites itself. Tu es un million is an act of love, of exaltation, it is the desire to swallow an entire existence. This existence happened before hers, and left her to gaze on its decors and collect its manifestations, its traces, its tributes. Her work stems from the song You’re a Million by the post-punk group The Raincoats and attempts to imitate the repeated energy that emanates from the piece, energy that leads her to believe that cycles of life and love are always beginning again, and that it is possible to embrace everything, to want everything, to reinterpret everything. She does this with her images through double-exposure: a simple approach, like superimposing two slides in a projector, that allows for two distinct universes to connect, and a forced coexistence of beings, places and times, constructed by analysing what would benefit most the new image. The synchronicities that come out of this process show a refusal to reveal what has made or will make an image. Through this ambiguity, she creates an ambivalence between what is shown and what is hidden, using the uncertain as an intrigue.


Carolyne Scenna is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in visual and media arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her research explores the narrative and polysemous potential of the image using a method that is as intuitive as it is eclectic. She utilises personal photographic archives, drawings, and text fragments collected from instances of her daily life. It was first as a member of the duo Les Sabines, specialists in audiovisual performances, essay publication and vandalism, that we saw her work emerge in different artist run centers and as a part of performance events in Quebec.