Shanie Tomassini | Nature molle

Nature molle, exhibition views, Galerie Les Territoires, 2015. Images : Chih-Chien Wang.



From January 16 to February 14, 2015
“My sculptures are disguised as sculptures !” (Text originally in French) – Shanie Tomassini
Shanie Tomassini’s work engages in a dialogue with sculpture’s history. Using the creative process as a starting point, Tomassini zeros in on her own working environment and provokes an interrogation of the materiality that surrounds her. The works included in Nature molle deliver an unsettled and multi-layered statement about our everyday environments through material deviations and plays with mise en abîme. Ultimately it is matter’s stable meanings that are diverted and cast adrift, casting doubt upon the very status of objects. Their presence appears malleable and hard to define, keeping in their trivial appearance something like a twinkling of deception.
Shanie Tomassini has participated in a number of group exhibitions, including at galerie Art Mûr (2013, 2014), the Fondation Guido Molinari (2014), the Maison de
la culture Frontenac (2012), and the Maison des arts de Laval (2014). She recently completed a bachelors in visual arts at UQAM (2014) where she was the recipient of numerous grants. In 2013 she founded Expo de casier (2013-2015), a curatorial project exploring alternative forms of distribution for the work of emerging artists.
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Shanie Tomassini, Contrepoint, wood, plaster, 2014.
——–, Sans titre, polyurethane, pigments, dolomite, 2014.
——–, Plàtre plâtrifié, plaster bag moulded and poured with its own plaster, 2014.
——–, VII, plaster, 2014.
——–, Volume, gypsum, 2012.
——–, III, plaster, 2014.
——–, Néon granite, polyurethane, pigments, 2014.
——–, Induction, plaster, 2014.
——–, Clef, tin, 2014.
——–, Sculpture de 5 pieds, plaster, expanded polyurethane, measuring tape, 2014.
——–, Volume no. 2, plaster, mdf, acrylic paint, 2014.