Fais-moi de l’art toute la nuit

Montreal All-Nighter at Galerie Les Territoires
February 28, 2015, 8:00 pm to 3:00 am


Fais-moi de l’art toute la nuit, Galerie Les Territoires, 2015. Images : John Londono and Sophie Bernier.

We invite you to a one-night-only “Beatnik”-themed party where, like the “Beat Generation”, we will make art all night long.
Combining boundless creativity and fascinated by the art of marginalized communities in the 1950s, the beatniks helped bring about sexual liberation and ushered in the 1960s youth culture. At once lovers of open spaces and the thriving Americanism of the time, the Beats were also drawn to nature and shamanistic beliefs, where man is perceived as an integral part of the cosmos!
Come join us, then, in this era where Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs made literature burst with the rhythms of jazz improvisation, and where the Cedar Street Tavern in Greenwich Village became a haze of smoke during the meetings of painters like Pollock, de Kooning, Rothko, Kline and Motherwell.
So get out your dark shades, cigarette pants, berets, cigarette holders and striped sweaters to immortalize yourself in “Beatnik” style by the much-sought-after photographer John Londono and leave with a Polaroid souvenir! Dine and refresh yourself at our bar and grilled-cheese station! Sway to the music of DJ Stephen de Oliveira. And don’t leave without your shirt and bag “Fais-moi de l’art toute la nuit.” Contributing to cultural life has never been so fun!!
Nothing can stop us, except the sunrise!
This project was made possible with support from Montréal en lumière. Galerie Les Territories thanks its partners: Le Naufrageur, Première Moisson, photographer John Londono, the screen printing studio Cinqunquatre and all the volunteers helping out with the event.