Portfolio: Véronique Ducharme




Véronique Ducharme lives and works in Montreal. In 2006, her work is included in the publication of Carte Blanche Magenta Foundation in Toronto. She received an MA from the London College of Communication in 2010 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2007. In 2007, she is the recipient of the Szilasi Concordia University award. Her work is presented to the A.I.R. New York gallery (2013), the Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm (2012), the Les Territoires Gallery (2011-12), the McCord Museum (2008), the FOFA Gallery (2007), the La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery (2007 ) in Montreal, and the London College of Communication (2010).


Artist Statement


Largely influenced by her fascination with the complexity of human existence, Véronique Ducharme’s artistic practice attempts to convey experiences of her relationship to the figure of the Other and what is invisible. It is fuelled by the tension between experiences of alterity and the futility of trying to grasp the essence of the Other. Contemporary photography allows her to address this tension and to articulate intimate experiences by appealing, visually, to a mode of feeling that is beyond language. Working with the ”mise en scène” in different ways, each image becomes a construction specifically created for the camera.