Portfolio: Sarah Rooney




Sarah Rooney studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London England before obtaining a BFA from Concordia University and a MFA from York University in Canada. A recipient of a 2011 Canada Council Art Bank acquisition, Rooney’s paintings have been exhibited in Canada and the US and are held in private collections here and abroad (Germany and England). She has lectured at York University, University of Toronto, and currently teaches painting at University of Ottawa. Rooney was born in South Africa, spent her formative years in Brazil; she is now studio based in Montréal.


Artist Statement


As a way of negotiating the place/space/time dynamic that surfaces in her work, Sarah Rooney have appropriated herself the technique of underpainting as a style. In traditional terms, underpainting refers to the initial planning of an image, which is then used as a stepping-stone to provide a clear vision for the overall sense of the painting to come. For her purposes, however, underpainting not only acts as a metaphoric tool to unearth things, but it also allows her to think through ways of connecting entities that are foreign to each other. The final image does not solidify into an absolute focus, but rather persists as layers in flux, engaging in dialogue with each other.