Portfolio: Sara A. Tremblay




Sara A. Tremblay is presently working on her MFA at Concordia University. First interested by photography and video, then by performance and drawing, Tremblay uses various mediums to collect and document traces and artifacts from her passage and her experiences. In her work, the artist sets up challenges and studies the notion of the infinite and the impossible starting from simple ideas. She now lives and works in Montreal.


Artist Statement


Sara A. Tremblay’s practice is directly influenced by her experiences, while her life is influenced by her art. Both takes more and more space and give a deeper meaning to everything else. She also believes that, despite the fact that her creations are derived from her experiences, the projects that emerge from them are quite abstract, and show an opening which gives the viewer the opportunity to interpret freely. Her favorite means of expression are design and performance, sculpture, video, photography and writing. They are only a pretext to express several similar ideas that overlap, like an aggregation, an installation, regardless of the medium. Formally, the artist’s work is minimalist and reductionist. The color of her photographs are replaced by black and white, or by the color of the raw material it uses (coal, clay, cement).