Portfolio: Marie-Ève Fortier




In 2009, Marie-Eve Fortier receives a master’s degree in visual and media arts on the theme of the materiality of the text and the semantic dissolution. Since then, she continued her research in installation and photography. Her work has been featured in various art venues such as Gallery [SAS], gallery Les Territoires and Art Souterrain. In parallel, she teaches art at the college level and contributes to the creations of the multidisciplinary theater company Matériaux Composites. In collaboration with these, she participates in the design and the implementation of several shows and events.


Artist Statement


In her work Prend garde quand tu dis, tu pourrais dire autre chose, Marie-Eve Fortier uses series of lists : a chain of synonyms tracked in the dictionary. From the definition of a first word, the artist chooses a second word that opens the path to a third and so on. This process draws paths in the language and, at the beginning of each series, the artist cannot guess where this road will take her. From imagination to fancy and extravagance to absurdity, to stupidity. From one term to the other, it leaves the set of meanings decline to a darker register and let be surprised by its system of linguistic drift.

The different sequences of words are superimposed on pictures of misty landscapes. Forms are lost in the distance and we do not know where the road leads us, as if we walked the half-closed in a non-place where things are struggling to define eyes see. These images are needed to project variations as a metaphor for the artist traces the paths in his dictionary: net to dilute the framework chosen to control.