Portfolio: Joannie Boulais




After obtaining her BFA from UQAM in 2009, Joannie Boulais presents her first solo exhibit at Les Territoires in the fall of 2011. In 2012, she travels to Argentina for an artist residency, goes to Spain for a second artist residency, exhibits in Winnipeg, in Carleton-sur-Mer and  exhibits her artist books at the library adjacent to the Cultural center of Saint-Léonard. Joannie Boulais is interested in various types of exhibits in public spaces. This allows her to surprise the viewer and reach a wide audience.


Artist Statement


Joannie Boulais is interested and inspired by linguistic ambiguities that hide or reveal the identity: double meanings, puns or bad translations. Her creative process begins with a collection of objects: books, souvenirs, maps and lint. It is inspired by poems, songs, plays and cartoons dealing more openly with sexual identity to divert the stereotypes of popular culture. In Blablabla de nanas, the artist invests maps covering them with white paint, only mostly keeping the girls’ names derived from place names of villages and lakes. A new women’s network appears. Then, she combines these names to phylacteries or extracts from books on women from the autobiography of Janette Bertrand to the detective novel by Mary Higgins Clark. From reading about these girls who talks about various subjects emerges recurring roles: wife, mother, ‘’pitoune’’.