Portfolio: Jérôme Nadeau




Jérôme Nadeau is an artist, a curator and an editor. He holds a BA in Photography from Concordia University. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Quebec, including the Push Gallery, FOFA Gallery, the Northwest Territories, the Society of technological Arts in the Jean-Brillant, in Eastern block, in the United States to More & Co Gallery, Iceland. He is the founder of the publishing house SOON, whose mission is to promote the work of emerging artists with projects of high quality publications with limited circulation.


Artist Statement


Jérôme Nadeau contextualizes the status and the possibilities offered by photography as well as its role in today’s society. The processes behind this image consist of destroying chromogenic photographs with several chemicals. The artist may then collect the colour emulsions. These dyes are then transferred onto another sheet of photographic paper. This way, Jérôme Nadeau refuses the blind mechanisms of power normally assumed by the photograph and embraces abstraction as a poetic language, resulting in an investigation of the infinite process of image making. SAY SEX is concerned with issues related to the medium of photography such as the question of the surface and what lies underneath it, as well as the material traces of an action. The artist recounts: “I am interested in the immediacy of the mark and the interaction between the artist’s body, the surface and the complexity of the various stages of production.