Portfolio: Ivan Lassère




Ivan Lassère is born in France in 1979. He studied fine arts in France and England before exhibiting in galleries in Bordeaux (France). He arrived in Quebec in 2008 and graduated in visual and media arts at UQAM in 2010. His work is presented in Ripe Art Gallery in 2009 at the exhibition Fresh paint and new construction. In January 2012, he presents the solo exhibition Triumphs Oblique at the gallery  Les Territoires. Since then he has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Berlin and Montreal. He lives and works in Montreal.


Artist Statement


Drawing and painting for Ivan Lassère are ways of expressing a position facing the world. His iconographic universe borrows from the history of painting from the Middle Ages until today. Decontextualized religious themes are alongside interpretations of images of current popular science and mingle in a poetic project that highlights a fascination for human endeavors past and present.