Portfolio : Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret




Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret has presented her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions (Canada, USA, Israel, Australia). Her artist books are collected in Canada and abroad, including the University of California, Berkeley (Environmental Design Library) and the Art Institute of Chicago (Flaxman Library). Recipient of the Gold Medal of the Governor General of Canada for her thesis project in 2011, she is currently pursuing a doctorate in education and practical arts at UQAM on the modular installation printed. Lecturer at UQAM, she is also the author of two blogs Search: The virtual notebook and The territory of the senses.


Artist Statement


The process of hybridization and repetition are central to the practice of Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret. They generate ambiguities between the notions of surface and interface between the space of the image and the object. Her work also has a special relationship with the board, both in its material and in its way of investing in space and multiplying by modulating. Her projects are embodied in various forms: in situ installations, sculptures printed paper, artist books, still and moving images.