Minna Pöllänen

Territoires Ouest
ATTEMPTS | Minna Pöllänen
Friday, May 11th to Saturday, May 26th, 2012
Opening: Thursday, May 10th at 6 p.m.





Made on a small, undeveloped piece of family land, Attempts maps out a survey into the notion of landownership. Through collecting, containing and marking different pieces of the landscape, the project explores the various geographical and topographical elements found within the lot. The apparently futile constructions depicted in the photographs, combined with statistical information and drawings of the land, aim to visualize and question the often illogical commodification of nature and the ownership of something that exists in a constant state of flux.


By approaching the subject through the act of highlighting rather than by intervening or radically changing the land, the project aims to surface the notion of ownership through the familiar but often overlooked fractions of the landscape. The off-scale geometric constructions, made from ropes and discarded household items, are used to explore the grey area between sheltering and possessing. Rather than managing to permanently capture or hold onto something, the constructions act more as focal points for the different elements and shapes in the land, posing the question: what is it that is actually being owned?


Attempts has been supported by the Arts Council of Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Génération d’idées.




Minna Pöllänen (b.1980 Finland) is a London-based visual artist working with photography, text, wooden constructions and drawing. Her works address and observe issues surrounding landownership, borders and the maintenance, deconstruction, re-building and viewing of nature. Pöllänen holds an MA in photography from London College of Communication and has exhibited in Finland, UK and Canada. In 2011, she received the award Génération d’idées which earned her an exhibit at the gallery Les Territoires.