Lorna Bauer

Friday, June 12th, to Sunday, June 28th, 2009
Opening: Saturday, June 13th at 5 p.m.

To me, coherence is close to entropy. If I am to locate myself, and how else can I act in the world, I must first act – and that act requires a negation of the untruths that offer themselves up as false promises of illumination. A sheaf of office paper, for instance, a mirrored reflection, or three light-bulbs (and three is a potent mystic number) all come between myself and what lies at rest. All must be undone, scattered, blown away – literally but playfully, even farcically – since it is only through farce that farce can be extinguished.


I am guided by the artist’s stated purpose that what interests her is limited to what there is to be perceived, what there is to see. What Bauer gives us here is a simple rehearsal of our fascination with phenomena…..movement – whether slight or violent – light, rupture and disintegration, and the cycles of return, light to dark, dark to light beginning and ending.
– Ian Carr-Harris –